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Apr 16, 2020

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ZRO Innovates Internet Technology, Fight for Freedom

With the wave of the Internet in the 21st century. Technology is revolutionizing people’s lives over and over again, and the new wave — — the block chain, the positive trend is like thunder, sweeping. Block chain as the label of the times, no longer out of reach, driven by the development of the Internet economy, has become a part of the Internet, in transportation, education. Medical, clothing, pr operty, payment, life services and other areas of application scenarios, blockchain let the Internet wave upgrade again, and gradually into more areas of innovation, blockchain is not just a kind of t echnological innovation, its behind the decentralization, de-trust thinking revealed the construction of a new economic model It’s possible.

ZRO public chain in the field of value empowerment and transfer, with the help of blockchain technology because of its open, transparent, traceable, non-tampering characteristics, to help people complete the value transfer of asset digitization, and realize the real control of their own wealth.

The rise of blockchain technology starts with the issuance of bitcoin, and today digital currency is still the most striking application of blockchain technology. Nor has there been any breakthrough in blockchain technology over the past decade to help it get rid of the negative impact of the bursting of the digital currency bubble. This makes blockchain technology not only a long way to go for deep application in other practical areas, but also a serious impact on its fundamental value, some critics even say, blockchain technology is simply a tool for a few people to “cut vegetables “.

Against this background, ZRO came into being, under a new block chain economic ecological platform developed by a group of self-styled dark net hackers of contemporary Zorro, the development of public chain began in late 2019. At present, more than 90% of the source code design has been completed, and all performance indicators have greatly exceeded the design value. For freedom, we never move forward slowly.

On the one hand, ZRO will design solutions to the many pain points in the field of traditional economy and trade in the future, which will greatly enhance the daily life experience of users; on the other hand, in the economic model, ZRO has carefully created rich and scientific investment returns and incentives to fully stimulate users The willingness to invest can also ensure stable profitability. As the number of users of the platform increases and the influence expands in the future, ZRO will also develop a variety of innovative applications such as e-commerce, logistics, securities and so on based on the excellent performance of blockchain technology, so as to continuously enhance the user loyalty and stickiness of the platform.

At this complicated and turbulent times, ZRO will regain the technical power of block chain, reshape the original face of science and technology that has been covered by chaos for a long time, and return to the right track of benefiting all mankind, promoting the fairness and justice of all human society cause of freedom!