RRMine Organized a CEO Talk ,about Bitcoin Halving and Cloud Mining

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RRMine(rrmine.com) organized a “CEO Talk” hosted by Global CEO-Tsou Yung-Cheng. These CEO-level elites are from Blockchain and Bitcoin mining industry at the World Digital Mining Summit 2019. Mr. Tsou had in-depth exchanges with them for the future development of cloud mining and Bitcoin halving next year, the hottest topics in the industry.

RRMine is a hashpower asset platform providing standardized cloud mining contract purchasing & transfer service.It’s super simple to manage hashrate asset and get Bitcoin returns every day.It aims to lower the threshold to access Bitcoin easily.

The view of Tsou Yung-Cheng, CEO of RRMine

RRMine is unique from other cloud mining companies,our contract we sell hashrate to individual miners especially those people may never heard Bitcoin before or they don’t know how to get Bitcoin. The contract is flexible and tradable.when they don’t want to mine anymore,they can sell the contract to the others. RRMine has secondary market,that’s the only mining company is doing this at the moment.

About the Bitcoin halving ,scaling up is really important.The more users is coming to the mining industry, the more people get Bitcoin and use it ,the price is better and good for the industry.of course ,we look it positive. But for us,our mining contract the way design the product is very stable,you don’t have to worry about the volatile market to lose your profit.

Following the CEOs’ opinions of the 2 topics:

1: Moritz F. Jäger,CTO of Northern Bitcoin AG

Northern Bitcoin:is a Frankfurt based technology company focused on the Bitcoin blockchain.

View of Bitcoin will be halved next year

I think people worry too much about halving. Personally, I think the price of Bitcoin will soar before halving. Many people have experienced halving before. This has not caused a great shock to the mining industry, nor will it this time.

View of the future of cloud mining

Cloud mining industry is now very interesting , the market is growing, there are many players.In my opinion, ,companies can be trusted by users will be very competitive.

Watch video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C46iaVZF9Mk

2: Batyr Khydyrov, Co-founder of Uminers

Uminers: One crypto eco-system buy&sell multimodal logistics, hosting services, dealing with the largest and most reliable data center in Russia.

View of cloud mining?

Cloud mining business is the future of the industry. In the future, it will become more and more difficult for self-built miners, operation and maintenance. More and more industry giants are entering this field. For example, Amazon and Google have their own cloud-computing centers. It is difficult for individuals to compete. The best choice for ordinary miners in the future is cloud mining business.

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3: Haoyang Xu, Co-founder of ViaBTC

ViaBTC:Provides a highly secure and stable blockchain service for global users with professional technology.

View of Bitcoin halving next year

I think there are three key points :

One is the price, I think it is still potential for most of the cryptocurrencies.The second point,with the increasing of the miner, more people get involve in this industry to make the price higher.The third point is now the bank or some invest departments take charge of this industry,with the money get into this industry means the more professional facilities, professional guys will have this industry to high.

View of cloud mining

I’m happy to see more and more people coming the cloud mining for the investment. And also financial offices invest money to run, earn by the cryptocurrency to make the profit for the normal investors. I think cloud mining is a good investment way because you do not have to know much about how to arrange the miners, how to buy.The truth is you will get money everyday.

Watch video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GA5FleEqs8&t=17s

4: Jahon Khabilov, CEO of Sigmapool

Sigmapool: is mining pool which focus its operations for miners across the globe. Offering FPPS payments with competitive fees and ultra low latency stratum servers. Mining Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV & Litecoin.

View of Bitcoin halving next year

We think this is a good thing. Although the miners’ income will be halved, the price will rise in the short term and usher in a bull market.

View of cloud mining future

I believe that more and more investors will enter this field in the future. Now our mining machines are selling very well. This is a very important signal. Cloud mining companies that seem to survive can be technically and operationally capable.

Watch video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ec5-mbc2rfk

5: Bijan Alizadeh, Founder & CEO of Block One Technology

Block.one: is a leader in providing high-performance blockchain solutions.

View of Bitcoin halving next year

Bitcoin halving gonna be tough for the miners, because the out is gonna cutting half, and also people estimate the price will go up massively.But I believe as the industry goes up in short time.It’s gonna be a good effect for the long run.

View of cloud mining

I believe that cloud mining playing a key role. More people know about mining and believe in Bitcoin. And especially from what I hear about RRMine and your plans, the customers are safe and they can trade their plans.

Watch video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzAcev918lc&t=10s

6:Professor Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Co-Founder and Chief Architect

BloXroute:the only layer zero solution that solves the scalability bottleneck at its core: underneath the blockchain at the network layer — for all blockchains.

View of Bitcoin halving

I think that’s a bad news for everybody because people can earn will go down. This is why I think it’s important for entire community that everybody to think about how do we resolve this problem.

View of cloud mining

It’s hard for me to predict that,but I think what you guys are doing the approach of cloud mining is really bright to bring a lot of users.It’s a good model because it’s an easy idea you can explain to everybody.

Watch video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy1argtA0gQ&t=1s

Company: Hong Kong Superb Grace

Contact: Richard Meng

City: Hongkong

Country: China

Web: www.rrmine.com



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