How does blockchain change traditional games?

In the movie “Ready Player One”, created a Utopia game world where imagination dominates everything, you can go anywhere, do whatever you want, become the person you want to be.

You can walk and dance in the air, use the idea to create a spaceship to soar in the universe; you can even enter the movie world and fight alongside Godzilla; here, the game is life, life is the game.

In this movie, we saw the beautiful look of the future game.

As a new technology, blockchain will change the way we play. The game world like “Oasis” is not a dream in the future, but the blockchain game on the market is still far away from such an ideal world.

What should a real blockchain game look like?

First of all, it should be a game, with the basic characteristics of the game, entertainment and playability is the first element, the blockchain is just technology, the most important thing is fun, so we must constantly innovate the game mode and enhance the entertainment experience.

Second, the blockchain will create a new in-game economy that enhances the interaction between the game world and the real world. Game equipment props are essentially virtual assets. Blockchain technology can establish a credible monetary system in the entire game industry, which means that the virtual assets of each game can be tokenized, and the future can be recharged and cashed. Really valuable assets, when the player decides to stop playing the game, he can sell the virtual assets in the game to other players in the game by tokenization, or replace them with other equipment in other games, instead of Similarly, the game official only decided to stop serving, all the efforts of the game player before turned into the air.

Finally, the future blockchain game will be a “self-ecological”, a set of ecosystems created spontaneously by the player. The developer is no longer the ultimate decision maker of the game. It only defines the core rules, exclusive props and equipment. “Determining the gameplay of the game, the economic ecology of the game, and the life cycle of the game.”

At the same time, as the player’s position in the game has risen sharply, the traditional game issuance will be broken by the monopoly of the channel and the traffic party. Players can maintain and develop the game directly through their own spontaneous maintenance, and only the game players are more and more, the player’s virtual assets and digital tokens will appreciate, so the player will spontaneously maintain the stability of the game system, and spontaneously pull the user. To play, this breaks the interest pattern of the traditional game publishers.

Based on the above blockchain game development concept, the new generation of game public chain ecosystem Thrones came into being.

At the heart of the Thrones gaming ecosystem is a decentralized gaming platform consisting of multiple high-performance nodes and an asset trading platform that provides free, digital game asset distribution, consumption, and trading services to players of all games within the platform.

Passes (digital assets, game warrants, equity, etc.) running on Thrones can be registered, exchanged, invested and more complex interactions based on contracts through Thrones Core.

Thrones can turn games into value-added and profit-making warrants. People can invest in their favorite games and gain revenue through the development and promotion of games. They can also use the various assets (equipment, skin) in the game to convert them into Digital currency.

Thrones uses blockchain technology to build a regional network of multiple game terminal nodes, using SM2 encryption algorithm and class “separate witness” mechanism to ensure the security of game equipment and characters, and to provide decentralization for in-game equipment transactions. Credit endorsement. Different in-game game assets can be connected to the real world through Thrones. The input and output of gamers in the game world can be transformed into digital assets and linked to real-world assets.

In the blockchain game platform built by Thrones, its original digital pass — the certificate will serve as a hard currency for maintaining and guaranteeing liquidity in the economic system of the game platform.

The game warrants, rights, equipment, and characters that are invested in THE can be appreciated as the popularity of the game increases. Thrones offers a variety of investment scenarios where people can use the free-to-float game assets and exchange power to earn investment income and mining revenue, which meets people’s investment needs.

In the future, in addition to Thrones’ own blockchain game, it can also provide free game distribution platforms to many game developers, reduce the cost of game release, provide game developers with promotion channels, and ensure the platform’s high-quality game resources. The game investment function provided by Thrones has the function of “value discovery”. Players who invest in the game can spontaneously promote the game, which makes the really fun game fast and makes the game player more accessible to the real value. Games that meet their ever-increasing entertainment needs.

To change the traditional game ecology, Thrones uses blockchain to empower games, believes that Thrones believes in the future of blockchain games.



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