Garage Door Services and Repair Inc Launched 2 to 1 Garage Door Conversion Service

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2 min readNov 12, 2020

“Garage Door Services and Repair Inc offers the 2 to 1 garage door conversion service. This service covers everything, from remodeling to new garage door installation.”

Garage Door Services and Repair Inc launched a garage door repair service that helps clients to convert their two-door garage into one door garage. The 2 garage doors to 1 conversion service allow the clients to change their garage door’s whole appearance. The service covers the door’s inspection to find the right way to convert it into a door garage. The team from this company will also do the remodeling job on the garage door, plus installation of the new door and accessories. This service provides a solution for clients who want to upgrade and repair their old two garage doors that don’t work correctly.

According to the Garage Door Services and Repair Inc representative, “Our clients often worry that they have to pay our service twice to repair or change each of the doors in their two-door garage type. However, we ensure that this service is one package, where we will remodel and upgrade our client’s door to the better version of one door style. Our technician also has standardization in providing the service, including the inspection standard, so we won’t miss any detail and tiny error during the project. We hope that this service will become a useful solution for our clients’ garage door problems.”

This company has been around for quite a long and provides all kinds of service for garage doors Houston. Mainly, clients can order three different types of services, which are garage door service for residential/personal and commercial building, component (spring, opener, and others) replacement/upgrade, and gate service/repair.

Many clients also explained how the team from this company works diligently and satisfyingly for their garage door. They are not only experienced but also friendly and provide useful advice for maintenance and treatment purposes. Combining the full service and best team makes this company the reliable and most recommended garage door repair Houston service.

About Garage Door Services and Repair Inc

Garage Door Services and Repair Inc is a garage door repair and service provider in Houston, TX. This company focuses on providing the most satisfying service for its clients, displayed in how its team of technicians works on the client’s garage door. With so many garage door service options available, this company becomes the most reliable service in its operation area.

For Media Inquiries

Company name: Garage Door Services and Repair Inc

Contact Person: Thomas Wang

Full Address: 4660 Beechnut St. Houston, TX. 77096

Phone: (713) 730–2797



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